Our response to COVID-19

Dear Customer

Due to COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, and in line with ongoing efforts to safeguard public health, we are adjusting our operation, both online and in our stores to promote a safe environment to our customers and employees.

In some countries we have reopened our stores, taking all necessary measures to ensure the safety of everyone.

- Our stores only allow a maximum number of people at a given time

- All our services are suspended, except for tailoring

- We reinforced store cleaning and we are disinfecting surfaces

- Our stores have several hand sanitizers to be used by employees and customers

- Our employees keep distance from each other and customers and avoid unnecessary contact

- Our employees comply with hygiene guidelines

- Our employees wear a face mask

- We are monitoring our employees’ health and taking their temperature daily

- We recommend the use of smart payment solutions or card

- After each sale we disinfect counter and payment machine

Our online store also adapted to this situation.Our partners are complying with health and safety protocols, ensuring total security of delivers.

- Cleaning and disinfection of facilities is being reinforced

- Regular hand washing and hygiene guidelines are being followed

- Orders are prepared by an employee wearing a face mask and gloves and the package is sprayed with sanitizer before being shipped

- Vehicles used for transport of packages are thoroughly cleaned everyday

- Couriers sanitize hands before every delivery

Your health and safety is our utmost priority, we thank you for your patience and understanding during this period.